Chief Projects Consultant

​He has more than forty (40) years of professional experience, including seventeen (17) years in the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and ten (10) years served as the City Engineer for the City of Calexico, California, and concurrently served as City Engineer in the City of South El Monte. Prior experience served in the role of assisting the Director of Public Works/City Engineer in the City of Monterey Park. His work experience varies from small to large projects that included transit/transportation/roadway, and land development infrastructure projects that included 2,200 acres of the Philips Ranch development in management and design services. Additionally his experience includes preparing applications and project reports in securing government funding and grants for local agencies capital improvement projects (CIP).

Fred Balderrama

Senior Consultant

Mr. Balderrama is the HFRC Senior Consultant

He served 3 terms as Mayor of the City of Monterey Park
and 8 years in Los Angeles County Efficiency Officer

30 years in US Automotive Industry 


Don Looney​​

HFRC Chief Consultant

Served in USCIS for 30 years.

Served as deputy district director of USCIS in West Coast, and the district director of USCIS in Los Angeles.


​                美国全家福投资移民區域中心


Tak Lam

Marketing Consultant

He has an extensive corporate business and foreign trade experience. He is Owner/President of KAV America AG, Inc,
Mr. Lam’s entrepreneurial skills were exemplified when he managed and served on the board of directors as Executive Vice President for Caffe D'Amore, Inc in Pasadena, California. During  his tenure with the company since the mid 90’s, he established the company’s international  Sales and developed product distribution in over 50 countries, and the company grew its  beverage manufacturing and distribution business through Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Starbucks, Trader Joe's, and other key accounts including international distributors. In 2010, he took the lead in the company’s top management team and completed the acquisition of the company by a multi-billion dollar public company. 











Phillip Ip

Finance Consultant

Mr. Ip has 30 years Financial management & Real Estate Finance experience
President of J & P Real Estate Services Inc.
 (1996-present )
He served American Express International Inc .Asian Pacific / Australia Regional Manager ,Treasurer and
Bank of China Hong Kong & Macau Business Development Manager (1984-1992)